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NFL betting

The NFL is becoming increasingly popular among sporting tragics in Australia. Naturally so is betting on the NFL. Online bookies are wise to this growing trend and have a list of betting options as long as your arm on offer. But if you are new to the sport and, consequently, new to the bets, it can be daunting and even confusing trying to understand what you are actually betting on, when to bet and how to bet wisely and not lose your money cheaply like some common rube.

We will have a look at the world of NFL betting available to Aussie punters.

Where to Bet on the NFL

The following trusted Aussie online bookies offer a wide range of NFL betting markets and each also boasts an enticing sign up bonus. join and get up to AUD$100 bonus bet join, deposit and receive up to AUD$200 first bet offer get a free bet matching your first deposit up to AUD$500 offers a matched first bet up to AUD$200

All of these offers are excluded for residents of NSW, SA, VIC and WA. Each of these online bookies offer downloadable apps for Android and Apple devices making punting on the go simple, safe and convenient too.

Each of these online bookies offers Live Betting options on their NFL games but Live Betting can only be accessed via phone and not online. Check each bookie for their own details regarding Live Betting though.

Novice NFL Markets

Here we will have a look at some of the relatively easy bets, best for beginners.

Odd/Even Markets

This is another simple one. You have two options: odd or even. You can bet on whether the total number of points for each quarter will be odd or even, whether the total amount of points for each half will be odd or even or if the total number of points for the game will be odd or even. This bet is great for beginners because it doesn’t take any skill or knowledge of the game it comes down to luck.

Head to Head

Head to Head bets are one of the simplest bets going around because it is a choice of betting on who will win the game. Obviously the longer the odds the less favoured that team is to win. You can expect to see odds ranging from around AUD$1.05 up to AUD$10 for Head to Head bets.

Race to Points

This is a fun bet where the online bookie will pinpoint several point marks like first to five points, 10 points, 15 points and 20 points. You are able to punt on which team will make a certain total first. Each team is allocated odds of being the first to reach each point milestone.

This betting option is available during both halves too. So you could bet on the New York Jets to be the first to reach 10 points in the first half and the first to reach 10 points in the second half.

Intermediate NFL Markets

With the following bets it is best to have a good general knowledge of the game and each team, their recent form at home or on the road and each team’s ability to score points.

Total Match Points

This is another relatively simple bet but it’s better to be familiar with a team’s ability to score points before getting into it. Your online bookie will pinpoint a total match points total and the bet is whether the total combined points will be over or under this amount. For example will the total match points for the game be over or under 47.0?

To be successful with this bet it is advantageous to know whether two attacking teams are playing, if so then you would expect it to be a big scoring game, bet over the bookies prediction. Are two defensive teams playing? Perhaps a low scoring game then, bet under the bookies prediction.

Handicap betting

Handicap betting is one of the most popular wagers when it comes to the NFL. Handicap betting can often be referred to as point spread or line betting too, so don’t get confused if you hear these other terms thrown around.

Handicap betting is designed to create a more even head-to-head style bet with the favourite for the game being deducted points and the underdog being added points. If you think the favourite can still win despite the bookies point disadvantage, then bet on them. If you think the underdog can win with the extra points allocated by the bookie then bet on them.

An example of a handicap bet would be Chicago Bears (+6.5) $1.87 or Minnesota Vikings (-6.5) $1.97.

Advanced NFL Markets

The following NFL markets are best suited to those punters with a more sophisticated understanding of the details and subtle nuances of the NFL.

Double Result

This market has nine betting options and each option requires you to successfully punt on what the result will be for the first and second half of the match, excluding over time. These options also include draws. Every conceivable winning combination is covered in the Double Result markets.

Examples of a Double Market bet are as follows:

San Diego Chargers, San Diego Chargers – $3.30
San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs – $8.50
San Diego Chargers, Draw – $18
Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers – $9.50
Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Chiefs – $2.20
Kansas City Chiefs, Draw – $17
Draw, San Diego Chargers – $18
Draw, Kansas City Chiefs – $15
Draw, Draw – $34

Player Props

Player Prop Bets require a very broad and precise knowledge of individual players ability and current form.

A seemingly simple bet like who will score the first touchdown of the match needs a lot of thought. Like who is each playing quaterback’s favourite receiver? Who has a history of scoring the first touchdown of the match? Is anyone carrying an injury? Does the quaterback have a history of faking and going for a touchdown himself?

Then bets like will the quaterback throw over or under a certain number of metres requires a very precise knowledge of each quaterback average throwing metres per game.

Who will make the most receiving metres is also another popular player prop bet.

Futures Markets

This is a very precise bet on who will win the Super Bowl. Every team is given a price depending on their seeming chance of reaching and winning the Super Bowl each year.

When to Bet on the NFL

The best time to bet on regular season NFL games is every Thursday afternoon, Friday morning and Sunday night Australian time.

Then when the Playoffs roll around the fun really begins. Playoff betting is thick and fast all leading to the hum-dinger: The Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl often carries several of its own unique betting options, so check with your online bookie to see their options.

Good Luck with your future fun betting on the NFL.