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Gambling heavyweights unite to create first US sports betting forum

US State Gambling Regulators Forum

Heavy hitters from the newly-minted US sports betting industry have come together to create the US State Gambling Regulators Forum.

Following the recent Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas last week, state gaming regulators joined forces in an effort to pre-empt federal involvement in the industry, share information and improve integrity.

Sports betting has grown significantly since the historic Supreme Court decision to overrule the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act this year.

Data released in September showed on-site sports betting at casinos and racetracks rose by $5.1 million to $79 million, which is a seven per cent increase. Also, wagers placed over the internet increased from $21.7 million in August to $104.9 million in September.

Following that growth, a US House of Representatives subcommittee discussed whether the federal government should get involved. Many believe the threat of federal intervention has triggered the move of state regulators to band together.

The first six members to join the US State Gambling Regulators Forum include an impressive list of names:

In a statement released on Wednesday, October 17, the purpose of the forum was outlined to include:

The group stated that it will come together on a regular basis, developing reports, addressing new legal challenges and providing guidance that can benefit the industry.

Mississippi already has legalized sports betting, and Pennsylvania sports betting should roll out later this year.

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