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Hillary Clinton wins debate, shortens in US election betting

HILLARY Clinton has shortened in betting for the next US president after a strong showing in the first presidential election debate.

In a battle of the two most unpopular politicians in the history of the United States, Clinton has been cut from $1.55 into $1.44 at after what pundits declared a clear victory for the Democratic Party leader.

Real Estate mogul Donald Trump drifted from $2.60 out to $2.90 after a mixed showing.

In a debate largely expected to break domestic and world-wide TV ratings, the two presidential hopefuls debated on the American economy, domestic security, world trade, terrorism and a number of Donald Trump’s bizarre claims during his campaign.

CNN, Fox News, Sky News and ABC all called the debate in Hillary’s favour immediately following the two-hour event.

Clinton has now been installed as the $1.75 favourite to win the next TV debate.

Some significant moments from the debate included:

Trump, best-known for being a star on a reality TV program called The Apprentice, confused the audience when asked about America’s challenge with cyber security with the following bizarre answer:

The excerpt, one of the many times Trump stumbled over his own words, failed to make constructed sentences and babbled off-topic, was spread like wild fire on social media following the debate.

Sportsbet’s Will Byrne said that the result of the debate was in no doubt.

“Hillary showed what a seasoned pro she is on the debate stage and really walked this with ease. The odds of the US having their first female President are looking much shorter now,” Byrne said.

Next US President:

$1.44 Hillary Clinton (in from $1.55)

$2.90 Donald Trump (out from $2.60)

Second TV Debate Winner:

$1.75 Hillary Clinton

$2.00 Donald Trump