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How to tell if an online casino is a scam?

Online casino gambling is arguably one of the most money-driven industries in the world; and whenever there is such a large emphasis on currency within a certain field, that industry will always open itself up to scams, hoaxes, and rogue operations, where people will extort money from customers through coercion and unethical practices.

So when Aussie punters just want to have a fair go when it comes to interactive casino betting, enjoy tested and approved games such as the pokies, blackjack, roulette, video poker and baccarat, be paid out on time and in full, and have access to 24/7 customer support, how do they find the sites which accommodate these basic and honest desires?

Do the research is a portal providing up to date information about the trusted and reputable casino sites Australians should utilise, as well as detailing the rogue and deceitful gambling sites which should be avoided at all costs.

We put in countless hours of research and communication to find the highest quality gaming operators, and work around the clock to ensure our recommended casinos continue to adhere to the strict online gaming regulations set by independent testing agencies and licensing authorities.

We ensure the operators have acquired their licenses from the correct gaming governing bodies, and are audited on a regular basis to confirm gaming and player integrity, and responsible operator conduct. However, individual players should also check each site they are interested in registering an account with, before playing games for real money.

A few key details to look out for when testing to see whether a gambling site is legitimate in its business practices and gaming fairness, include:

If you have any concerns that a site may not be fulfilling any of these basic requirements, get in touch with the team at and we can provide you with some further information.

Why do gaming sites get blacklisted?

If you search for a selected Internet casino in Google, you will quickly see whether the terms ‘rogue’ or ‘blacklisted’ appear within the search – if any of those words do appear on a certain forum or respected forum, it is wise not to register with that operator.

Many sites are blacklisted because of the following reasons, as stated by many unhappy customers:

Some sites which have been outed within gambling forums and other official reviews forums, as treating players unfairly, include:

Once you have a clearer picture of how a certain casino deals with its players, you can come to a well informed decision as to whether you wish to sign up. Here are four operators we high recommend for Aussies to register accounts with – each allows for AUD transactions and bets, boasts 24/7 live chat support, are licensed and regulated by genuine authorities, and provide high quality RNG and live dealer titles:

Always gamble responsibly, never chase your loses, and have fun. And it can never hurt to do that extra bit of research before depositing real cash with any chosen gaming site.

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