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Super BowlIT’S called the greatest show on Earth for a reason.

THE NFL Super Bowl is one of the most recognisable sporting events in the world, which is incredible considering it is essentially a sport that is only professionally played in North America.

The first ever Super Bowl was played back in 1967 after the National Football League (NFL) and American Football League (AFL) reached a decision that the two best teams from each competition should play each other to determine the number one team in the country.

It was known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game until the two leagues merged to form a two-conference league, which is the system that is in place today.


Today the Super Bowl is a world-wide extravaganza, and the betting agencies have cashed in on the hysteria.

Everything from the game winner to the half-time show attracts money from people looking to make some cash.

We took a look at the self-proclaimed ‘greatest show on earth’ and put together a handy guide for those who do not know how to bet on the NFL Superbowl.

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Tips for betting on the Superbowl

Defense wins championships:

It may be a tired cliché, but the age-old adage that rolls around every time the playoffs start is that ‘defense wins titles’.

It there any truth to it though? We believe so.

42 (out of 50) Super Bowls have been won by a top 10 defense and 25 have been won by a top three defense, including sensational shutout victories by the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks in 2016 and 2014 respectively against two teams that were number one for offense in that season.

Clichés are typically born from history, and in this situation we believe the history speaks for itself.

The Super Bowl MVP is almost exclusive the quarterback’s domain:

When it comes to the biggest NFL event of the year, the focus always seems to be on the quarterback, and for good reason.

The QB is the man that makes the decisions, and invariably the starting quarterbacks from either side will be within the top-three in the betting market for Super Bowl MVP betting.

Their favouritism in the market is justified if you look back through the years too.

The period between 2006 and 2016, seven quarterbacks were awarded the Super Bowl MVP.

It takes a monumental effort from a player outside the QBs to snatch the MVP, so traditionally an investment on a quarterback is a sound one.

Popular Super Bowl betting markets

Super Bowl winner:

This is the easiest market to bet on; simply pick the team you think will win the NFL championship.

This can be placed as a futures bet or a head-to-head bet once the teams are decided, but you will be getting much better value if you can pick the winner before the playoffs start.

Super Bowl point spread betting:

Think your team has the ability to beat their opponents by a certain margin? Or whether the underdog can get within a set amount of points?

The point spread market is for you.

The agency will set the scoreline, it is your job to pick the right one.

For instance, the spread on the Denver Broncos in the 2016 Superbowl was +4.5, meaning they could have won, or lost by a margin of four points or less and you would have gotten a return on your investment.

Super Bowl MVP:

Think you know who will be the best player on the gridiron on the most important day of the NFL season? Put your money where your mouth is.

Much like the Super Bowl bet, you can bet on this much earlier than the Super Bowl, as well as on the day of the game, and any bookmaker who takes their markets seriously will run live-betting on the MVP market.

Former Superbowl champions

The Super Bowl has existed for 50 years, and across that time the Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most titles with six.

The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers are the next best franchises with five wins each.

Four teams in NFL history have failed to win a Super Bowl title, they are the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans.

In a Superbowl anomaly, Cleveland is the only current NFL city that has neither hosted, nor had its team play in a Super Bowl.

2016 Denver Broncos defeat Carolina Panthers (24-10)
2015 New England Patriots defeat Seattle Seahawks (28-24)
2014 Seattle Seahawks defeat Denver Broncos (43-8)
2013 Baltimore Ravens defeat San Francisco 49ers (34-31)
2012 New York Giants defeat New England Patriots (21-17)
2011 Green Bay Packers defeat Pittsburgh Steelers (31-25)
2010 New Orleans Saints defeat Indianapolis Colts (31–17)
2009 Pittsburgh Steelers defeat Arizona Cardinals (27-23)
2008 New York Giants defeat New England Patriots (17-14)
2007 Indianapolis Colts defeat Chicago Bears (29-17)
2006 Pittsburgh defeat Seattle (21-10)
2005 New England defeat Philadelphia (24-21)
2004 New England defeat Carolina (32-29)
2003 Tampa Bay defeat Oakland (48-21)
2002 New England defeat St Louis (20-17)
2001 Baltimore defeat NY Giants (34-7)
2000 St Louis defeat Tennessee (23-16)
1999 Denver defeat Atlanta (34-19)
1998 Denver defeat Green Bay (31-24)
1997 Green Bay defeat New England (35-21)
1996 Dallas defeat Pittsburgh (27-17)
1995 San Francisco defeat San Diego (49-26)
1994 Dallas defeat Buffalo (30-13)
1993 Dallas defeat Buffalo (52-17)
1992 Washington defeat Buffalo (37-24)
1991 NY Giants defeat Buffalo (20-19)
1990 San Francisco defeat Denver (55-10)
1989 San Francisco defeat Cincinnati (20-16)
1988 Washington defeat Denver (42-10)
1987 NY Giants defeat Denver (39-20)
1986 Chicago defeat New England (46-10)
1985 San Francisco defeat Miami (38-16)
1984 LA Raiders defeat Washington (38-9)
1983 Washington defeat Miami (27-17)
1982 San Francisco defeat Cincinnati (26-21)
1981 Oakland defeat Philadelphia (27-10)
1980 Pittsburgh defeat LA Rams (31-19)
1979 Pittsburgh defeat Dallas (35-31)
1978 Dallas defeat Denver (27-10)
1977 Oakland defeat Minnesota (32-14)
1976 Pittsburgh defeat Dallas (21-17)
1975 Pittsburgh defeat Minnesota (16-6)
1974 Miami defeat Minnesota (24-7)
1973 Miami defeat Washington (14-7)
1972 Dallas defeat Miami (24-3)
1971 Baltimore defeat Dallas (16-13)
1970 Kansas City defeat Minnesota (23-7)
1969 NY Jets defeat Baltimore (16-7)
1968 Green Bay defeat Oakland (33-14)
1967 Green Bay defeat Kansas City (35-10)

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