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UK gambling commission

UK advertising watchdog finds five gambling companies in breach

Five UK bookmakers have run foul of the United Kingdom Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after being caught targeting children with online betting promotions and advertising.

Kenya moves to crack down on tax-dodging gambling companies

The overhaul of Kenya's gambling industry is gaining speed, as senior ministers hint at harsh penalties for gambling companies that try and avoid paying their...
Fixed-odds betting terminals

Betting shops across the UK feel the pinch as FOBT limits introduced

Monumental changes to fixed odds betting terminals that will cut the maximum betting stake from £100 to £2 will have been implemented in the UK,...
sports betting

Could New Hampshire become eighth US state to legalise sports betting?

New Hampshire is just a few crucial steps away from becoming the next state in the United States to legalise sports betting. What does this...

Ireland pledges support to winning punters in new gambling bill

It may sound like fantasy, but Ireland's latest innovative gambling legislation looks set to address a loophole that has been overlooked for decades.

William Hill teams up with New Jersey problem gambling support group

William Hill has announced that it will be giving back to the New Jersey community that it has profited from since the legalisation of gambling,...
New York sports betting hearing

New York Governor continues to oppose sports betting expansion online

While its closest neighbour benefits from the fast-growing online gambling industry, New York Governer Andrew Cuomo continues to keep his state from cashing in.
West Virginia to legalise sports betting

West Virginia ignores US DOJ, makes moves to expand online gambling

West Virginia moved significantly closer to legalising online poker and sports betting last week, refusing to be swayed by the US Department of Justice 'legal...
UK kids

UK increases gambling advertising protections for children

The United Kingdom has continued to evolve the regulation of its gambling industry with a new bill set to further safeguard children from exposure to...

Texas takes first tentative steps towards legalising sports betting

The spread of legalised sports betting around the United States of America has reached the biggest state of them all — Texas. We look at...