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Latest US gambling news

Rhode Island on track to legalise sports betting before end of 2018

Rhode Island could legalise sports betting before the end of 2018, making them the fifth state to do so in the USA since federal legislation...
India gambling

Political leaders among those arrested in Indian gambling raid

India's hard-line stance on social gambling has claimed a new set of dissidents after 133 people were arrested in Mumbai this week. We take a...
US State Gambling Regulators Forum

Colorado lawmakers taking a punt on legalised sports betting

Two Colorado lawmakers, Republican Cole Wist and Democrat Alec Garnett, are hellbent on getting sports betting legalised across the state.
USA sports betting legalised

English Premier League supports sports betting regulation in US

The English Premier League has offered its complete support to sports betting legalisation in the United States. This was revealed by Adrian Ford, general manager...
US Supreme Court

West Virginia throws support behind US sports betting bill

The US Supreme Court will take into consideration a case that could potentially enable sports betting in all fifty states. If the country’s highest court...