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Barcelona v Manchester United

2019 Lionel Messi Champions League scoring odds – Man Utd vs Barcelona

Manchester United may have inveigled their way through to the quarterfinal of the UEFA Champions League when they outwitted Paris Saint-Germain in the last-16, but...
El Clasico

Messi goal odds & El Clasico betting – Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

Sunday, May 6 – 8:45p.m Local time – Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain There will be an indelicate culmination of blood, sweat and unadulterated abhorrence when...
Chelsea vs. Barca Champions League

Lionel Messi odds & Barcelona vs. Chelsea Champions League tips

Wednesday, March 14 – 8:45p.m Local time – Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain. It was doom and gloom for Chelsea after two successive losses in the...